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Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE)

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Outstanding Early Achievement Award

Selection Criteria

A professional who early in their career (less than 5 years) has demonstrated a combination of service, leadership, and scholarly activity in international agricultural and extension education is eligible for this award. The individual must be a member of AIAEE.

  • Personal Commitment: exerts extraordinary dedication and effort in support of international agricultural and extension education programs, activities and services. 
  • Meritorious Service: has made significant contributions to the improvement, promotion, development, and progress of international agricultural and extension education.
  • Achievement: is goal oriented, sets and example for others, has demonstrated significant accomplishment, and has acquired noticeable peer recognition.
  • Evidence of Scholarly Activity: has a listing of journal articles, papers, and presentations related to international agricultural and extension education issues and topics.
  • Additional information: years of membership in and service to AIAEE, years of involvement with agricultural & extension education, research (including publications and grants), teaching, outreach/service for example.

2023    Sarah A. Bush

2022    Richie Roberts      

2020    Ataharul Chowdhury 

2018    Tobin Redwine        

2016    JC Bunch       

2014    Assa Kante     

2012    Theresa Murphrey     

2010    Amy Harder   

2008    K.S.U. Jayaratne        

2006    Maria Navarro

2004    James Connors

2002    Randall Andreasen

2000    Matt Baker

1998    Ching-Chun Shih

1996    Jack Elliot

2021    John Diaz

2019    Mary Rodriguez

2017    Austen Moore

2015    Laura Sanagorski Warner      

2013    Robert Strong

2011    Timothy Kock

2009    Kristin Davis  

2007    Kelli Selby     

2005    Charles Steiner

2003    Moses Zinnah

2001    Murari Suvedi

1999    Rama Radhakrishna

1997    Deirdre Birmingham

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