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2021 Conference Award Winners 

Abstract Presentations

Examining Potential Relationships Between Mentor Relationship Quality and Organizational Commitment in U.S. Extension Professionals

by Amy Harder, Lendel K. Narine, Matt P. Benge, Marina  Denny, Kristi Farner

An Exploration an Entrepreneurship Program with Marginalized Youth in Panamá: Developing Agents of Change

by Sofía Brizuela Obando, Amy. E Boren Alpízar, Millicent  Akinyi Oyugi

Exploring Self-Reliance in Smallholder Coffee Farmers’ Pursuit of Commercialization

by Colby J. Silvert, Dr. John Diaz, Dr. Laura A. Warner, Dr. Grady Roberts

Addressing Food Insecurity in Conflict Zones: Describing Agricultural Assessment Priorities Aligned with Basic Human Needs

by Dr. Shannon L. Norris, Dr. Holli R. Leggette, Dr. Danny Davis, Dr. Gary Briers, Dr. Lori Moore, Dr. Tobin Redwine

Picturing Perceptions:  A Photo Elicitation of International Agricultural Development Implementors

by Dr. Lacey Roberts, Dr. Tobin Redwine, Dr. Tracy Rutherford,  Dr. Kim Dooley, Dr. Joyce Juntune, Dr. Elsa Murano

Unanticipated Unity Within Incidents of Independence: A Photovoice of Ugandan Gender-Based Agriculture Issues

by Jessica Spence, Dr. Tobin Redwine, Dr. Kim Dooley

Establishing The Royal Standard for Critical Thinking: The QUEEN Model

by Dr. Barry L. Boyd, Dr. Jennifer Strong

Small-Holder Farmer’s Perception toward Solar Renewable Energy Technology on the Island of Trinidad

by A.J. Jorns, Dr. Jera Niewoehner-Green, Dr. Mary Rodriguez

The Perceptions of U.S. University Agriculture Faculty Regarding the Formation of Global Partnerships: A Q-Sort Study

by Dr. Richie Roberts and Shelli D. Rampold

Permaculture Education in a Conflict Area: Developing and Implementing a Course in Afghanistan

by Nicholas Cassell, Dr. Mary Rodriguez

Poster Presentations

Facilitating the Scholarship of Discovery: Utilizing the Mini-Ethnographic Case Study Design

by Catherine E. Dobbins, Dr. Leslie D. Edgar, & Dr. Kim E. Dooley

Using International Experiences to Reduce Xenophobia and Cultural Biases Within Youth

by Dr. Jeff Howard, Chris Anderson, Becky Ridgeway, Ashley Travis

To Namibia and Beyond: An Innovative Model for Virtual Study Abroad Education Programming

by Jess Spence, Jack Elliot, Tobin Redwine, and Nicole Dietzel

Princeton in Africa: Yearlong Fellowship Opportunities in Africa

by Gabriella Bragoli

Needs Assessment Model for Guinea Extension Education

by Miraj Wallace, Dr. Roger Hanagriff, Dr. Jack Elliot

Evaluation of Client-based Extension Programs: An Integrative Review of Frameworks and Methods

by Dr. Lendel K. Narine, Dr. Amanda D. Ali, Jennifer Ha.

Visual Strategies in International Development: A Content Analysis of Imagery and Communication Assets

by Dr. Lacey Roberts, Dr. Tobin Redwine, Dr. Tracy Rutherford, Dr. Kim Dooley, Dr. Joyce Juntune, Dr. Elsa Murano, Sarah Driver

Communication Networks Among Wheat Growers in [Country Name]: Implications for the Diffusion of Agricultural Innovation

by Abdul Rashid Mukhtarzai, Carmen N. Benson, Dr. P.K Chahal

The Case of the Underground Forest: How a Non-Governmental Organization Change Agent Encouraged Change that Continues to Change Lives and the Landscape

by Brian Flanagan, Theresa Pesl Murphrey

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