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Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE)

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AIAEE Membership & Business Meeting Minutes

Annual Business Meeting Minutes (Must be signed in as a member to view)

Why should you join AIAEE?

In today's complex and interdependent world, agricultural development must be seen in the broader context of holistic development. Agricultural educators and extensionists worldwide must form partnerships with others. AIAEE provides a forum for professional networks, dialogue, and learning. 

We encourage the participation of interested members living and working in a low-income country to join AIAEE. We offer an application waiver, which can be completed for a $0 cost if you are living in LDC & Developing Economies.

Who should join the AIAEE?

People interested in agricultural and extension education as a critical component of national development should join AIAEE. Current members come from universities, extension programs, private voluntary organizations, agri-business, international agencies, foundations, and financial institutions. AIAEE thrives on the diversity of its membership.

What are membership benefits in the AIAEE?

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