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Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE)

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Fellows and Senior Fellow

Selection Criteria

Nominators must be members of AIAEE. The Awards Committee Chair will verify eligibility of nominee and forward nominations to AIAEE’s Executive Committee who will deliberate and make selections. The award will be presented once a year at the annual conference. Criteria for selection as a Fellow include: service, leadership, achievement, and peer recognition. To be selected a Fellow or Senior Fellow must: have provided noteworthy service to AIAEE and the profession; have provided significant leadership to AIAEE and/or international agricultural and extension education; have substantial academic and/or outreach achievements; and be widely regarded and recognized in the field of study and its application (The last of these four being the most important.) The number of Fellows and Senior Fellows may vary year to year, however, typically no more than three Fellows should be selected in a calendar year and no more than one Senior Fellow should be selected in a calendar year. Persons who were elected as Fellows and advance to the rank of Senior Fellows are not considered in this limit. The policy relating to the Fellows program is developed and maintained by the Awards Committee. Substantial changes to this policy must be approved by the AIAEE Executive. Fellows can be elevated to Senior Fellow upon continue contributions and years of service.

Fellow: The purpose of the Fellow award is to recognize and nourish AIAEE members who have made exceptional contributions to the profession and who have no less than eight years and no more than fifteen years of service as a professional in agricultural and extension education and who show great promise for continued contributions. Fellows are elevated to Senior Fellow after twenty years of service as a professional in agricultural and extension education.

Senior Fellow: The purpose of the Senior Fellow award is to recognize and nourish AIAEE members who have made exceptional and sustained contributions to the profession and who have more than fifteen years of service as a professional in agricultural and extension education.



2023    Mary Rodriguez

             Bryan Hains

2022    Ataharul Chowdhury

            Asa Kante

2021    Jennifer Strong

            Nathan Conner

2020    J.C. Bunch

            Roger Hanagriff

2019    Nicole Stedman

            Tobin Redwine

2018    Alexa Lamm

            Kristina Hains

    Maria Navarro

2017    Todd Brashears

2015    Robert Strong

            Leslie Edgar

2014    Amy Harder

            Tim Kock

    T. Grady Roberts

            Tracy Rutherford

2013    Mercy Akeredolu

            Marta Hartmann

            K.S.U. Jayaratne

            James Lindner

            Theresa Murphrey

2012    Kristin Davis

            Kim Dooley

            David Dolly

            Craig Edwards

            Michelle Glenn

Senior Fellows

2023   Amy Harder

2022    Koralalage Jayaratne

2021    Kristin Davis

            Kristina Hains

2020    T. Grady Roberts

            M. Craig Edwards

2019    David Giltrow

            Kim Dooley

            James Lindner

2018    Wayne Ganpat

2017    Matt Baker

            Renee Pardello

            John Vreyens

2015    Rama Radhakrishna

            Murari Suvedi

2014    Glen C. Shinn

2013    Gary Briers

            David Lawver

            William Rivera

            Brenda Seevers

            Pete Vergot III

2012    Jack Elliot

            J. Mark Erbaugh

            Larry Miller

            Burt Swanson

            Gary Wingenbach

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