Since 1954, various informal training programs for farmers have been implemented to support them in several aspects of their life and careers in Iran. This study aimed at assessing the results of informal technical and vocational training programs (ITVTP) in the field of agriculture on the employment status of farmers in the province of Isfahan in Iran. A number of 330 farmers (equally divided over an experimental and a control group) were selected from 19 townships of the province mentioned to be interviewed. Structured questionnaires were completed during the interviews. The results show the education level of the majority of farmers in both groups is low; most of them are married, smallholder and more than 40 years of age. Statistical analysis showed there is a positive relationship between ITVTP (as an independent variable) and different aspects of the lives and careers of farmers (as dependent variables), such as job stability, job satisfaction and motivation, income generation, investments in the agriculture sector, information and competence, the employment of families, and production capacity of farmers. The findings underline the importance and supporting role of ITVTP for many factors relating farming.

Keywords: Training Programs, Technical and Vocational Education, Farming Activities, Informal Learning, Extension Courses, Employment Statue, Agriculture


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