From the Past Editor


As the current President of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education and the Past Editor of the JIAEE, I am excited to share this 25th Anniversary Special Issue of the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. The past 25 years have provided hundreds of scholarship pieces that have critiqued, informed, and advanced agricultural and extension education around the world.

This issue contains articles that cause us to reflect on where we have been and others that challenge us as to where we go next. I included a reprint of a seminal article from the late Dr. James Christiansen published in 2005 encouraging the AIAEE to address key issues as our Association progresses. My hope is you find this set of articles informative and thought-provoking as you prepare your research agenda for the coming years to advance agricultural and extension education.

Here is to the next 25 years JIAEE!


Robert Strong Jr.
President, Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education
Past Editor, JIAEE